In China’s rapidly changing society a number of ancient traditions, such as bird watching, are being lost. ‘The loneliness of Chinese birdwatchers an article published in the Economist gave the band, formed in 2009, it’s name.

The poetic title caught the band’s attention because it describes the perfect solitude of someone who appreciates details and can find stillness within the trials of daily life.

Five cuckoo birds make up The Chinese Birdwatchers, they are crazy about details and of course, music.

In 2008,Rio Sierra and Nacho Rupérez crossed paths and despite their 10 year age difference they hit it off musically.Later, they hooked up with Rio’s twin Raul Sierra and his wife, the American singer Heather Jo’Wel.
The group came together with the arrival of violinist Iria Armesto.

The result of this union is a mix of poetry, folk, surf, bossa nova and rock
that sounds like a road trip through the American southwest.

A violin, an old upright bass, trumpet, saxophone and guitars are brought together acoustically,in a format that they have presented not only at music halls,
but also at art galleries, roof terraces, private living rooms and even at a hairdresser salon!

In short, the Chinese Birdwatchers are an unusual group that sounds like anything or nothing.